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As one of the world’s largest IT Service Providers, our deep pool of over 130 certified engineers and IT support staff
Roxie Hodgson – CEO Mindtech
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At 360 Technology Hub, we’re not just tech providers; we’re your digital excellence partners.
Transform your business for automation, faster delivery, and continuous improvement
360 Technology Hub delivers high-impact IT solutions, aligning with your business goals to enhance productivity and profitability through optimized IT infrastructure.

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Tailored strategies, innovation, and expertise drive your business forward.

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Integrity, Innovation, Excellence - Guiding Every Decision We Make.

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Reliable support, anytime, anywhere; we're here to keep your business running.

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Fueling Innovation and Excellence in Technology Solutions.

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360 Technology Hub offers tailored solutions to meet your business challenges and goals. Our experts leverage technology and insights for efficiency and growth in the digital age.
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Meet our dedicated and experienced team of tech enthusiasts committed to driving your business towards digital excellence.

Dina Parsons

HR Officer

Roxie Hodgson

CEO Mindtech

Shanai Yoder

IT Consultant